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:: Saturday, August 30, 2008 ::


Several weeks ago, the American Family Association released a web video encouraging people to pray for rain in Denver on the night of Barack Obama's outdoor acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention -- lots and lots of rain. The video was quickly withdrawn after drawing intense ridicule, but can still be seen here, courtesy of goodasyou.org.

Cut to Labor Day weekend, the eve of the Republican National Convention. Hurricane Gustav is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico and bearing down on New Orleans, which has already been partially evacuated. McCain and the Republicans are watching the developments and weighing their options, with a delay of the convention on the table.

I don't believe that God exerts day to day influence over such things as the weather, but after the mean-spiritedness of the AFA call for prayers, wouldn't it be ironic if it was the Republican convention that ended up getting rained out?

If anyone actually shows up, that is.

:: Ray 10:18 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ::

Due to baby and income issues, I won't be attending Burning Man this year. The last time I missed it was 2001, and I pined all week. I have a lot going on now, but it is hard not to play the game: what would I be doing if I was going this year? Monday morning at 11:00AM, I would have been loading up to leave Winnemucca, NV, for the final push down I-80 toward the Fernley exit. Right now, I'd be wearing some neon and riding around on a bike, checking out the city at night, after having had dinner and a beer or two with friends.

Perhaps next year.
:: Ray 12:19 AM [+] ::

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