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Technicolorlife :: Created by Mary, my late wife, this site celebrates Betty, a 1974 Airstream Overlander trailer, and includes scans of the 1974 Airstream brochure.

Burnstream Court :: Information about the Burning Man camp that I participate in can be found here, along with instructions for joining our email list.

Ray's Guide to Chicago Area Burlesque :: Featuring dates and reviews from the burlesque scene in Chicago.

:: Audio ::

Get your earplugs ready. To further the new tradition of bad audio available for free download on the internet, I present the following original gems. Copyright is retained by me and the other artists. Permission is granted to repost these mp3 files on other sites for free download only. Any commercial use is prohibited without express written consent. Thanks to Brian Shensky. If he had not located his cassette dub of these masterpieces, they would have been lost to the sands of time.

Pink Freud :: Scenes from an Abandoned Town in a Clint Eastwood Western
Recorded in 1988 (or thereabouts) by Brian Shensky, Ray Koltys, and Bob White, this is the result of an afternoon of follies with an electric guitar, a late-eighties digital synthesizer, an ARP 2600 analog synthesizer, and a half-inch eight-track recorder.
Genre: ambient

Ray & Mike :: You Need One
Recorded in 1989 (or so) by Ray Koltys and Mike Kuniavsky, this is the result of fun with some amusing source material, late eighties digital delay technology, and a multitrack tape recorder.
Genre: techno

:: Video ::

Witness a perverse misuse of technology. On Saturday night, October 17, Dr Kilovolt did his thing again, this time in Tomas' Son of Superfantabulous variety show at the Lakeshore Theater. Watch it! (Quicktime movie, 4.4MB) Thanks to Mary for handling the camera.

Earlier this year, on April 25, Dr Kilovolt revealed his special surprise live on WGN TV's morning show. Tivo made it easy to get a decent recording of it. Enjoy! (Quicktime movie, 1.5MB)