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Some images of my neon work:

First, a few words. When asked, I describe what I do as, "industrial-design-influenced mixed-media/neon sculpture." The, "influence," comes from three years spent in design school at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, before finishing at the School of the Art Institute here in Chicago. I firmly believe in the value of cross-pollination of all disciplines, artistic and otherwise. My design experience not only made the work you see here possible, but also helps me daily in my application development work.

These pieces are a few years old, but I am currently back in the shop, and hope to show new work soon.

Above: Design Experiment in Blue, Utopia, Plate Series 1, and Voyeur.

Above: Tangent Curve, Untitled in Argon.

Media: neon tubes, neon hardware, medium-density fiberboard, found objects, acrylic paint.